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Review 1:

I only heard about this one a while ago while browsing for some 80's trash to watch, though not superb it was still worth it. An effective little pinku affair, it tells of a lovely young teacher who heads off to teach fencing in a school in the countryside, only to run into a good deal of the expected rape and abuse. The story has a few twists and turns and for the first half a mysterious feel, atmospheric and well shot with a fine location, its compelling stuff even before it gets down to the requisite bondage and abuse action. Ren Masaki is pretty strong as the lead, a determined and sympathetic character with enough backbone and genuine likability that her plight is fairly affecting, while the various dirty scummers around her are convincing too, with motivations fairly plausible if thoroughly corrupt. The film is fairly mild given the amazing title, but the film still has a pleasing quantity of sleazy abuse, packing hot wax fun, boob slapping and erotic fencing in amongst the more predictable rapey shenanigans, though the use of beaver blockers rather spoils a few scenes. I hadn't realised that penetration shots were banned full stop in Japan, making a scene involving a stick and the leading ladies behind a lot less gnarly than it could have been, but on the whole things are still pretty fun and the film even makes time for one or two moments of tender eroticism that come off pretty hot, with the final moments being particularly striking. At less than 70 minutes in length this is a good watch if slightly unspectacular, probably recommended if you like the genre. I'm woefully inexperienced when it comes to this sort of film and I'm sure there are many more impressive titles in the pinku realm, but this one is still pretty neato fun with its fine production values and sleazy kicks. Cool on the whole but not earth shattering.

Review 2:

This is one of Nikkatsu's Roman Poruno (Porn) series films. This was as explicit as they can go in sexual expression on films in the '80s Japan. Now this film is available in region 2 DVD as is many of Nikkatsu's Roman Poruno series films.

Ran Masaki plays the role of a beautiful (and I'd say she really is beautiful) school teacher who is recruited by another teacher played by Izumi Shima. Not knowing that she's really walking into a trap, she starts her new career at a high school in a remote mountain town. Soon she gets involved to save a girl student who got captured by delinquent male students. She is challenged to fight a kendo (Japanese sword fighting) match with one of the student while wearing nothing under her protective gear. Not knowing that she's being captured on a video, she gets gang raped by the boys. Next day, she's invited to the house of the girl that she tried to rescue. This was the beginning of the real trap. Soon she's drugged, and is captured in a torture chamber, designed to give sexual abuse.

This is one of many Oniroku Dan's SM films that Nikkatsu produced at somewhat regular intervals. Frontal nude was illegal in Japan back then, so there are no really hard core sexual scenes in this film. These days, this film is not even categorized under "Adult Video" in the Japanese video sites. Things really changed in 25 years. Where they lacked in explicit expression, they've made up in quality production, and many of the Roman Poruno series films really has good plot and acting featuring good actors.

Watch it for Ran Masaki's debut performance for Nikkatsu. She really looks good.


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