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After surviving a helicopter crash in the uncharted South African wilderness, two young men, a girl and a renegade thief discover an ancient city unknown to civilization. view The Legend of the Hidden City on imdb view The Legend of the Hidden City on wikipedia


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Review 1:

This was one of those shows that seemed to star a host of British teens that get into some sort of magical and/or mystical adventure. So here's a basic run down. There are these teens that are the offspring of some archelogists/anthropologists that are looking for stuff in, I think, South America. They go for a chopper ride with this guy who's stealing artifacts, they get into a bit of a scuffle in mid-flight and they crash. The thief gets away in the jungle, and the teens are left to fend for themselves. The female teen falls from a cliff and the two guys assume she's dead and wander around, only to get caught by some people from "the hidden city". I don't remember the name of the city anymore. Anyways, the natives assume that they are "the chosen ones" and put them to the test. The evil queen hooks up with the thief and they plot against the teens, and eventually the long lost female reunites with the two males and it causes a stirr with the white male, who used to be going out with her, but has since hooked up with a princess.

Really now, it wasn't that bad of a show near the start, and the intro music was fairly good.


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