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Teenager Brittany is bored with her quiet suburban life. She finds excitement when her phone is switched with the phone of Jordan Cahill. Jordan, only the top teen pop singer, has come to her town to make a music video. view Stuck in the Suburbs on imdb view Stuck in the Suburbs on wikipedia


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Review 1:

OK so i've seen Stuck in the Suburbs and i have got to admit it was THE BEST Disney Channel Movie EVER!! i loved it so much it was so sweet, sad, romantic, entertaining, & well funny too. i loved it all though i really want to know if they will have Stuck in the Suburbs 2. anyways i liked a bunch of characters like Danielle Panabaker(Brittany), & Brenda Song (Natasha). though i didn't just like Ryan Belleville (Eddie), & Taran Killam (Jordan) I ABSOLOUTLY Positively LOVE THEM!! they are so so so so adorable, cute, oh and VERY HOT!!! they were definitely my fave actors ever! i really hope that Disney channel will have more films that include Ryan & Taran. trust me a bunch of people would want to watch something that has them in it... if Disney channel does not want to have another film about or including them at least make a show with them in it. great film Disney channel!!- best wishes!!

Review 2:

I know Im a little late getting this to you. I actually caught this the first week it aired back in '04. My nephew made me record the show for him because he really enjoyed. We use to live in New Orleans, we recognized the plaza. Cool thing, we were there when they were shooting "Growing Pains II" and i remember your trucks around the Italian plaza. Is the sound track available in stores? My nephew and his friends really enjoy singing to the music. Also, what has the lead actor done since the show? We liked watching him. Thanks again for a great family special that everyone can enjoy. We're hoping for a part II, any possibilities??

Review 3:

Okay at the end of the film the girls are coming home from soccer, and they are all obviously friends.

Jordan is on the phone with Brittany, and the girls are excited to see their music video on the TV.

The girls got to dance in the video, i get that.. but can someone explain to me how come Eddie was the star of the video.

I thought it was Jordan's video to do?

If anyone could email me and explain the answer to this question that would be really great... ~Nicole~


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