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Three spoiled children who are cut off from their family fortune and forced to do the unthinkable - get a job. view Nosotros los Nobles on imdb view Nosotros los Nobles on wikipedia


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Review 1:

This film breaks several paradigms of some recent Mexican films. You laugh without the need of bad taste humor or unnecessary sex scenes. It is a comedy but at the same time is drama, because it is true that the high social class in Mexico behaves as the first part of the film shows. You laugh a lot but at the same time is sad how the racism among social classes exists. This film has a clear message of good values like the family union, hard work and friendship. Is a very good production, good quality of the film, and acting. You will be happy and relaxed after seen this film. It is highly recommended to watch, you won't regret it.

Review 2:

For a lot of years, Mexican films always have a high dose of violence, drugs, alcohol, sex, and cursing.

This film is a great example that Mexican films can be excellent without all that crap, the film is very funny, you will enjoy it from the beginning to the end, if you are Mexican you'll feel identified with a lot of stuff in the film, if you are not you will still enjoy it a lot and learn a few things about Mexican society.

The Actors and the production made an awesome job. Completely recommended. Thanks for reading this review, Im just typing this because this thing won't let me post the review if it doesn't contain 10 lines :) Thanks

Review 3:

One of the most relaxing films I've seen lately. It is somehow predictable, but yet very well made. It satirizes very well the situation of wealthy kids (all over the world, not necessarily Mexico) and their behavior amongst the others. I liked the characters, the dumb rich kid that invests money in unprofitable businesses, the spoiled daughter that acts as if she had the world at her feet and the hopeless prodigy that would do literally anything to achieve his goals. I really liked it and for once more I was convinced of the fact that the films made outside the States have a special something, they don't fit in the pattern, they have their own style. I highly recommend it! :)


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