Runtime:108 min
Directed By: Isabel Coixet,
Release:26 April 2013(Spain)


Yesterday Never Ends 2013 Torrent Download Online

★ 5.1 (219 votes)
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Review 1:

I haven't read the source material, so I can't compare that to the film. I can say that what I saw was not as compelling as I wished it would have been. The film tries hard to be engaging and make us feel compassion and more for the two lead characters. While their play is fine (mostly), the film is ridden with clichés and as predictable as it gets, which derives the film of most of its tension.

The "future" setting is only a disguise, the film is about human behavior and relationships. About past and present and an uncertain future. I did really like "My life without me", because it not only raised questions, but it had a great lead actress and the structure of the film was far better. I can't say the same about this, though it still has some (if few) moments of its own


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